Weather Display Log File Checker

V3.1 6th January 2019

This update now checks the actual max line length of each file type processed and sets that value as the max expected length. It also allows https as a prefix.

In order to view a log file, you need to enter in a URL that points to where your log file is located. Your files need to be on a publically accessible server for this script to access them.

Failure to provide a valid URL that points to your file may cause this tool to pause for a long time eventually resulting in an error condition or returning blank information.

Please also be aware that this script has to load your log file over the internet which sometimes can take a long time or even fail completely. The script will time out after 3 minutes.

This script will attempt to find errors in the following files:

It will not process any other log files. It attempts to highlight any non numeric fields,out of sequence records, some missing records at around midnight, missing fields within records and blank lines. Please be aware that some errors may cause more than one error message depending on the field concerned. Also not all errors highlighted necessarily cause problems within Weather Display. You may have to view the actual raw file data to see some errors detected by the program.

It is possible to correct errors in a log file from within WD, you can also use an editor (eg.Notepad). Be aware that some log files are open and being updated by WD constantly, so if using an editor it is safest to close WD down while editing.

Use of this script is monitored and logged.


Path must include http:// or https:// and if necessary point to the directory that contains the log file, you must include the log file name as well.