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Although the pandemic is officially over Covid has not gone away so some events may still get cancelled or curtailed so please make sure you contact the event organisers before making any plans for 2024 especially if travelling from afar!

If you do visit please respect our Town and please leave nothing but footprints in the sand when you depart.

A Potted History - continued

Local Convalescent Homes, Orphanages & Schools

Many people have contacted me asking for information about schools and convalescent homes in Broadstairs which they or their relatives have stayed at in the past. I will list those here which I have any information about. Some of these homes would not be allowed to exist today with the names listed here! Many of the homes have long since closed although some of the buildings are still in existence, but now used for completely different purposes. If anyone knows anything more about these or other establishments please email me.

A number of people have also contacted me asking where they can find additional information about these homes. Well there is an excellent book available from Michael's Bookshop called The Childrens Convalescent Homes of Broadstairs by Tony Euden, it contains information on and photos of many of the homes. The homes included in the book which have at least one photo and some information are preceded by an * before their names.

I often get asked about how to find information on who stayed and when in these home. Please do not contact me for this information as I do not have it. I believe if any is available it would only be from either the Council involved in sending someone to the home, or the organisation which ran the home.

Convalescent Homes

There are also a number of homes which are less well known and there is scant information on. If you have any information on these please email me or add a message to the Guestbook.


These are some that existed in the early to mid 1900's

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