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DSLStats Files Historical Statistics

This script will access the stats.log file created by DSLStats in order to graph some of the data available in each of these files created daily. Along with the stats.log file optionally zip files can be created containing information on bits per tone, Hlog, QLN and SNR per tone, these can also be selected to be graphed. These files contain the data which was used originally by MDWS. These files may be either on a local disk or an FTP server.

Using Web Server

Select the date required and graph to display in the lists below. Note that the Bits, Hlog, QLN and SNR options extract data from the zip files.


Optionally select the start and end times to define the period to display from the stats.log file.

Starting hour (HH):   Ending hour (HH):

If you have selected the Bits, Hlog, QLN or SNR zip file options please select the hour for the file to be graphed below.

Hour (HH):

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